How To: Build A Door

You are four easy steps away from a new entranceway for your home.


Select a HOME GUARD® door style from the 24 unique families of glass and doors styles.


Choose from our seventeen decorator colors or seven hand applied stain finishes for the inside and outside of your new entry door.


Select a knob, lever or handleset (even keyless!) from the many styles and finishes offered to compliment your door.


Add functionality with a peepsite, knocker, kickplate or magazine slot. Add strength and beauty with our exclusive HGI Burglar Guard or Timberframe door frame options.

Home Guard manufactures an Entry Door system that is second to none. Our partners who provide our door slabs have engineered features not found on any other door. Our Entry doors offer adjustable hinges, heavy skins for security and durability, composite frames that stain or paint like wood and automotive type finishes. Our Amish community provides a great labor pool for quality products. HGI doors offer great security, a 15.1 energy R factor, beautiful paint and stain finishes, upscale locks, and unique decorative glass patterns found only at our company. Entry doors are the center piece of your homes architecture and create first impressions for friends and visitors. And if you need another great reason for a new front door, research shows that it has the highest resale return of any home improvement. 

  • Automotive quality paint, artisan hand-stained finishes
  • 22 Gauge all steel doors - no wood anywhere to rot, twist, or distort
  • Master-Grain fiberglass: deepest grain in Fir, Mahogany, Cherry, or Oak
  • 31 door families to choose from
  • Six families of Proprietary Glass - Only available from HGI
  • Composite frames and trim
  • Pre-finished interior trim
  • Pet doors in four sizes
  • HGI Exclusive Burglar Guard - Best Protection/Best adjustability
  • Two-way adjustable hinge system
  • Slide on fin and bulb bottom sweep
  • Baldwin and Schlage lock options
  • 12 color matching storm doors including stains
  • Replacement and new construction doors
  • Round Top Doors in composite frames

FiberStar & Steel Door Features

Fiberglass Door Features

Home Guard FiberStarTM Fiberglass Doors are beautifully designed with patented HydroshieldTM technology. This revolutionary system ensures that water is repelled from the perimeter of the door to eliminate twisting or warping.

Environmentally Sound Polyurethane Foam Core

While some other fiberglass door manufacturers still use HCFC-free foam, we are proud to offer a truly “green” door which is completely CFC-free in compliance with the U.S. environmental standards to prevent destruction to the Earth’s ozone layer. The advanced polyurethane core used in our doors also enhances the door’s soundproofing capabilities and provides insulation properties six times greater than wood.


Optional Low-Profile, Handicapped Sill Available



Fiberglass Reinforced Skins

Deep Grain & Authentic Detail

Architecturally Correct

Polyurethane Core

Engineered Composite Bottom Rail

Optional Dark Bronze Sill

Steel Door Features

HOME GUARD® IronWood Paintable Smooth Steel and Stainable Steel Doors are the ultimate in home security, beauty, longterm value and longevity. Increased energy savings, safety, home value, curb appeal, a rock-solid warranty - there are a multitude of reasons to upgrade today to a Home Guard door.


Door Jambs

HOME GUARD’s Exclusive Timberframe® all-composite frame offers all the beauty of wood with none of the headaches. Completely maintenance and worry free, the Timberframe® will not warp, rot, mold or wick water and can be stained to match all HGI door stains. Timberframe® is an option on most HOME GUARD doors.

Duraframe Jambs are the standard wood frame on all HGI doors and are constructed using an Alaskan Cypress base which repels water preventing the wood from wicking and rotting.

Our exclusive steel “L” frame provides the next measure of security adding strength to your entrance. This crucial element is available on all HGI replacement doors and our adjustable strike plate makes installation easy on every door upgrade.


Home Guard entry doors* are Energy Star approved and meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and US Department of Energy.

* Certain door styles do not qualify due to glass options